Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First things first : AMAZING, I'm sorry if I use this word too often to describe the weekend, but it seriously was, utterly utterly ace :D

Friday : Bunch of friends headed of to our friend Kez's flat, had a really great night watching random ass tv and chatting utter crap :) love hanging round with all those guys, completely fine with whatever kind of person you are and we always have so much to talk about :) loved it

Saturday : Spent the first part of the morning cleaning the flat to make it even more girl friendly, I would like to think I achieved this to a new stupidly high standard for me :) it was sparkling, smelling nice and ready to have Louisa come over. 

Originally I was supposed to go collect Louisa at around 4, but as she was running late I had an hour spare, and as if by magic, Hank ( my heterosexual life partner ) needed an urgent chat, we descended on our local subway for breakfast, yes breakfast, it was the first meal of they day and neither of us had been up very long so, breakfast!. 

Man chat took place, I'm not sure I was too much of a help to him, but I suppose he talked it out a little bit, I hope he wasn't left even further in confusion.

Finally got over to pick up Louisa, we headed back to mine to make some food and attempt a photo shoot on my black wall.

Dinner was amazing, damn that girl can cook, we had chili con carny and some rice, but failed at getting some cheese :( let down haha

We then took the first few snaps of the night, I was a little bit worried about this shoot, I know our idea of a good photograph are very different, but after we got the results we agreed on a fair few of them being really very good. We started with doing a little Lolita shoot, and these two are our agreed good ones :)

She looked proper cute in her get up.  

We then ran out of time as Hank and Dave were heading over so we could all head out up town for the night of all nights.

We hit a few pubs first, general drinking and mucking around, but the main point of the evening would be to get over to uprawr.

We hit this place hard, I drank so so so many JagerBombs it was untrue, I spent ALOT of money, but it was totally worth it.

Now to my main point from this night :

As a fairly decent lad, who hasn't really ever done the pulling in clubs thing, I wasn't exactly out looking for girls to talk to, sure, I'm not even going to attempt to say I don't openly gawp at the hot girls that walk past, but as for going and talking to them that's a different kettle of fish all together! Louisa was determined to get me talking to some hot girls. What followed has left me smiling so much for the last two days, its kind of crazy. So, there are two amazingly fit girls on the dance floor, both of them are stupidly good looking, and every single lad in that room had checked them out multiple times, that included all the lads I was with and myself.

So when Louisa decided to drop me off into their care while she went to the bar, I was utterly astounded that these girls not only took ownership of a drunken me, they turned out to be THE nicest girls I've met in that club, We had an absolute giggle.

I could see from the fact that every lad that came up to them was being the obvious perv and trying to "grab / slap / molest (their words)" them, and got pushed away, that maybe they hadn't really come clubbing to be chatted up and whatnot, so apart from the fact that they were stunningly beautiful, that was enough of a signal that I shouldn't try the pulling approach, so instead i settled in to some amazingly bad dancing,on my part, and some amazingly hot dancing on their part. We bought each other drinks and seriously had such a laugh. 

This point really is to say, although I didn't pull either of them, I still ended up,now, getting to know these two ace girls! And from now on, I swear I'm not going to let the fact that I think I've got no chance of getting along with them / being able to talk to them just because they are attractive, get in the way of at least having an attempt at talking to girls like that :D

In case they are reading this, Ayesha and Tina, as much as I've banged on about it since Saturday night, thank you for an amazing night, you two are pure aces!

Got home and continued with Louisa's photos, drunken photos aren't always a great idea, but we got some amazing shots (IMO, Louisa may disagree) The one shot I am now totally in love with is this one :


I think she looks stunning, I'm feeling proper big headed about this image, 1) I have a insanely hot female friend 2) this picture is one of my best, I know its simple, but lighting and pose etc is exactly what I was aiming for.

There are other pictures, but they wont be going up on the Internet, Louisa will be in charge of those ones, If she ok's any, they will be in my DeviantART Gallery

Sunday - 

Awoke very hungover but still in a great mood, had cheesy eggs for breakfast and just generally died for the day. 

I went to buy golf clubs for the following day, as my old ones are broke. This turned out to be a tragic decision because by the time we got to Birmingham the traffic was insane, I'm talking totally crazy, this in turn made Louisa late for her train, meaning an added cost for her train ride home :( Let down for the end of an ace few days but still. Good Times.

Monday was a simple day, and as much as people laugh at the fact I play golf, I love it. I get to spend four hours with my dad and have an amazing day out. I realise how much I miss my dad and step mom and my old house when I go over, its just such a lovely place to be, I totally took being surrounded by all the nature for granted whilst I was living there.

So all in all, I have an amazing amazing aces time! Filled with my best friends and new friends hot girls and golf! To say I'm in a good mood, would be the understatement of a lifetime.

Here's to Jager :D