Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First things first : AMAZING, I'm sorry if I use this word too often to describe the weekend, but it seriously was, utterly utterly ace :D

Friday : Bunch of friends headed of to our friend Kez's flat, had a really great night watching random ass tv and chatting utter crap :) love hanging round with all those guys, completely fine with whatever kind of person you are and we always have so much to talk about :) loved it

Saturday : Spent the first part of the morning cleaning the flat to make it even more girl friendly, I would like to think I achieved this to a new stupidly high standard for me :) it was sparkling, smelling nice and ready to have Louisa come over. 

Originally I was supposed to go collect Louisa at around 4, but as she was running late I had an hour spare, and as if by magic, Hank ( my heterosexual life partner ) needed an urgent chat, we descended on our local subway for breakfast, yes breakfast, it was the first meal of they day and neither of us had been up very long so, breakfast!. 

Man chat took place, I'm not sure I was too much of a help to him, but I suppose he talked it out a little bit, I hope he wasn't left even further in confusion.

Finally got over to pick up Louisa, we headed back to mine to make some food and attempt a photo shoot on my black wall.

Dinner was amazing, damn that girl can cook, we had chili con carny and some rice, but failed at getting some cheese :( let down haha

We then took the first few snaps of the night, I was a little bit worried about this shoot, I know our idea of a good photograph are very different, but after we got the results we agreed on a fair few of them being really very good. We started with doing a little Lolita shoot, and these two are our agreed good ones :)

She looked proper cute in her get up.  

We then ran out of time as Hank and Dave were heading over so we could all head out up town for the night of all nights.

We hit a few pubs first, general drinking and mucking around, but the main point of the evening would be to get over to uprawr.

We hit this place hard, I drank so so so many JagerBombs it was untrue, I spent ALOT of money, but it was totally worth it.

Now to my main point from this night :

As a fairly decent lad, who hasn't really ever done the pulling in clubs thing, I wasn't exactly out looking for girls to talk to, sure, I'm not even going to attempt to say I don't openly gawp at the hot girls that walk past, but as for going and talking to them that's a different kettle of fish all together! Louisa was determined to get me talking to some hot girls. What followed has left me smiling so much for the last two days, its kind of crazy. So, there are two amazingly fit girls on the dance floor, both of them are stupidly good looking, and every single lad in that room had checked them out multiple times, that included all the lads I was with and myself.

So when Louisa decided to drop me off into their care while she went to the bar, I was utterly astounded that these girls not only took ownership of a drunken me, they turned out to be THE nicest girls I've met in that club, We had an absolute giggle.

I could see from the fact that every lad that came up to them was being the obvious perv and trying to "grab / slap / molest (their words)" them, and got pushed away, that maybe they hadn't really come clubbing to be chatted up and whatnot, so apart from the fact that they were stunningly beautiful, that was enough of a signal that I shouldn't try the pulling approach, so instead i settled in to some amazingly bad dancing,on my part, and some amazingly hot dancing on their part. We bought each other drinks and seriously had such a laugh. 

This point really is to say, although I didn't pull either of them, I still ended up,now, getting to know these two ace girls! And from now on, I swear I'm not going to let the fact that I think I've got no chance of getting along with them / being able to talk to them just because they are attractive, get in the way of at least having an attempt at talking to girls like that :D

In case they are reading this, Ayesha and Tina, as much as I've banged on about it since Saturday night, thank you for an amazing night, you two are pure aces!

Got home and continued with Louisa's photos, drunken photos aren't always a great idea, but we got some amazing shots (IMO, Louisa may disagree) The one shot I am now totally in love with is this one :


I think she looks stunning, I'm feeling proper big headed about this image, 1) I have a insanely hot female friend 2) this picture is one of my best, I know its simple, but lighting and pose etc is exactly what I was aiming for.

There are other pictures, but they wont be going up on the Internet, Louisa will be in charge of those ones, If she ok's any, they will be in my DeviantART Gallery

Sunday - 

Awoke very hungover but still in a great mood, had cheesy eggs for breakfast and just generally died for the day. 

I went to buy golf clubs for the following day, as my old ones are broke. This turned out to be a tragic decision because by the time we got to Birmingham the traffic was insane, I'm talking totally crazy, this in turn made Louisa late for her train, meaning an added cost for her train ride home :( Let down for the end of an ace few days but still. Good Times.

Monday was a simple day, and as much as people laugh at the fact I play golf, I love it. I get to spend four hours with my dad and have an amazing day out. I realise how much I miss my dad and step mom and my old house when I go over, its just such a lovely place to be, I totally took being surrounded by all the nature for granted whilst I was living there.

So all in all, I have an amazing amazing aces time! Filled with my best friends and new friends hot girls and golf! To say I'm in a good mood, would be the understatement of a lifetime.

Here's to Jager :D

Monday, 24 January 2011

For Louisa and Yen Chi - first for a while

I had seemingly forgotten I was the owner of a blog.

I have been very bad at updating this, really bad, actually, shockingly awful..

I will now list the reasons as to why I havn't been updating my life blog

1) I'm a lazy git
2) I've been working a lot
3) did I mention I'm a lazy git

So today, I've had two but kicking's from my ( obviously ) regular readers, Louisa and Yen Chi, to get back on track and write some stuff down.

So here goes.

Recently I have joined the world or high definition and bought myself a snazzy bluray player, this is not major news, but it finally gives my huge ass telly something good to do besides shoot people on Call of Duty..

In the space of 2 weeks I've hit the 2 for £20 bluray at HMV pretty hard and my films are growing :D
I'm trying to get a lot of my favorite films first, or ones that really pop on bluray..

Next thing :

Percy Geoff is still alive, I feel proud he hasn't died yet as its cold in my little flat and bearded dragons like the heat! But he is doing very well and he awaits the very first visit of his Godmother / aunt / I dont know, what Louisa Chan, which is a nice segway into my next topic

Im so fudging excited!!!

This weekend Miss Louisa Chan will be gracing me with her presence, for like a whole night!
Last time we went out in Birmingham we ended up coming back to mine early and grabbing a pizza because the night was a bit of a let down, NOT THIS WEEKEND! there are loads of my mates going on a small pub crawl ending at Uprawr, an alternative club night in Birmingham, its going to be MEGGA, I've really missed her, I know I've said it already, but the last 4 months we have kind of just really clicked, we have been friends for a very long time, but right at this minute of our lives we are sharing lots and really helping each other along with whatever crap is going on with us..
So yes, This weekend will be awesome!

Plus I'm playing golf with my dad on Monday, rock n roll

I have 4 days straight off work.. utter bliss!

Speaking of holidays

For my 25th I've decided to go to America to visit my friend over there. Her name is Rae and she is super hot and one of the nicest girls I have ever met, we have been talking for about 10 years, and I went to visit her 4 years ago, best 7 days ever! I hope to repeat this amazing adventure but this time in Texas, not Iowa.

And basically Blog Fans that's all that's been going on.

Work is finally settling down and my hours should start going back to normal within the next month. This means I will actually be able to start my 365 project and really enjoy some me time..

Last point : I had a brief periods of like a week or 2 in thinking I might try going out with white girls, then I got a new facebook crush on a hot Thai girl and that was enough to convince me otherwise :D

So all is good and well in the land of Wiffle..

I WILL WILL WILL update this more often now. Doing this one was actually pretty easy, so yes. More to come..

Saturday, 8 January 2011

nothing to say..

but still want to blog..

Many things are racing round my head at the minute, its like a crazy race to see which thought can get to the front of my head first, it gets there momentarily, then its forced back by another thought.

I hate the fact that I want so many things but cant really afford them, after all the working I've been doing I'd of thought I'd be at least coping by now, but no, it just balanced things out.
If I'm honest I have treated myself, Ive bought :

Percy Geoff - my ace bearded Dragon ( for company ) = £200
My sonisphere ticket - have to do at least one festival = £200
Actually brought my family and LC Xmas presents - instead of buying nothing for anyone = £100

And to be able to spend that kind of money and still be paying bills etc is pretty good I suppose.
I think its out of my system and I'll be back to my saving Scrooge like ways from now on.

On a side not, I think the thing I want most now, is to save up and get myself back to Hong Kong, when I went there last time, I had a mission, I needed to meet all of my girlfriends, at the time, family. We shall call her KYS for blog use. KYS was from Hong Kong and came to England to study and model, she has probably been the most attractive girl I've dated, but personality wise, she was a bit childish to say the least. Any way, we had 2 weeks over there and it was amazing, did so much sight seeing and really really had a good time, but at the time, I was more concerned with getting to know her family than taking pictures. Now when I look back I feel ashamed that I was in such a photogenic city and came back with only hand full of images.

So I think I may start a Honk Kong Holiday Fund (that nearly rhymes :D )
I have to get there!

There has been talk of a family holiday to Australia to see the relatives over there, so I could maybe kill two birds with one stone and hit Hong Kong on my way to Oz, now that would be amazing :D


So yeah, I am a little bit all over the place at the minute, I'm in a great mood, really kind of enjoying the good reputation I've got at work at the minute, loving the fact I have amazing family, loving my friends because they are amazing..

And still having feelings for girls from my past / present that I shouldn't be.. fail..

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I'm coming to realise...

..that my hopes of doing a 365 project may be a little bit impossible, with the hours I'm working at the minute, I literally get about 2 hours to myself a day, working 13 hours and sleeping 9 hours leaves me with the 2. Within those two hours I have to do the normal life crap, eat, shower, do housework etc etc, so I only get about 30 minutes of free time a day and normally its pitch black outside and like 4 in the morning, so I don't really want to be trooping round trying to take pictures, I may invent a new one, maybe Project 52, 1 photo every week that sums up my week, that is far more doable!

I have got an idea floating around in my head, it will take up a lot of time, but could literally spread very far and be a really cool new arty thing to do, a few people know about this idea and I've had some really good feedback, I may be starting it at the end of January when LC comes to visit.

This blog seems to have really halted over the last month, I really do like to write up what's been going on in my life and interesting things that have happened, but like I've just mentioned, work and sleeping are my main two activities, and although I could write:
"went to work, then fell asleep " every day, it would get a little monotonous.

So I've come to the conclusion of two things, I'm slightly still in love with one of my X's, I'm not exactly sure whether its her or what I know we would have if we were still together now that I miss, but I'm struggling to keep her off my mind at the minute. This is very normal for me, this leads me onto my second point, I must spend half my daydreaming time thinking about X's or friends in ways I really shouldn't, I guess this is largely unhealthy, but generally, all my female friends are pretty hot and incredibly nice, so I excuse myself because I am a single bloke and those thoughts cant really be stopped.

Apart from that there really is very little in my head it literally goes like this

How much money will that make me
I need to sleep
They are all so pretty


Bed time for me
Night all

Sunday, 2 January 2011

365 Project

So, Ive decided to do a 365 project, I'm hoping this will help keep me in check with my photography and also my blogging as it will force me to post more frequently :D

I thought the best way to do this was to do weekly updates? 7 pictures with some explanations, and although i may take a picture a day, I may not have time to upload etc etc on a day to day basis, so I think weekly will be fine..

The only thing I'm going to do is break that rule once. I'm going to post my first picture,
and i thought as it was my 365 project, it was only right that the picture be of me

so here we go

this is me.. i look like this 90% of the time. I'm told that men do fashion, i do not, i wear jeans and a tshirt and a jacket when its cold.. this may very well change when LC comes to visit later this month..

but any way
this was just a quick one to say this has started, kick my ass if you don't see updates :D


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy Neay Year

And what a year it will be.
I have lots of plans this year, I know its the thing to do at the beginning of the ear when every one says "I will do this" or "wont do that"

But I'm going for more of a list of things I need to do within this year.

1) stop being a dick

After a phone call with Louisa the other night, i was thinking about self belief and confidence etc etc. If I'm with a girl in a social situation with people about or even on our own, I like to think I'm pretty funny and a bit of a charmer, without being too seedy, but getting a girl I like into those situations is where I fail, this year I'm definitely going to get the confidence I know I've got and make it transpire into dates.
 need to just think
" I have my own flat, I have a car, I'm reasonably fit and healthy, there are uglier people out there than me and some one somewhere would be lucky to have me as a boyfriend"  and just go for it and ask people out.

2) Do a 365 project

Last year I got very annoyed with myself for not using my camera enough, that thing got me in enough debt to fuck me over for a long time and I didn't use it as much as I should of. SO this year I'm doing a 365 project. This is where you take one picture everyday for a year, make it as original as you can etc etc. It really tests your creativity and imagination, I think it will help me to fill my year with something good.

3) work my ass off

this winter has proved a couple of things for me. It has shown that i can work my ass off and still just about have a social life, it has shown that there is money to be made if you are willing to work every hour you possibly can, so 2011 is going to be me sorting myself out money wise. Working for myself as a gardener and doing more paid photography work are the main two in which I will aim to do this work..

4) stop fancying people i shouldn't

people wont want to read this but, I tend to fancy a lot of people, I fancy friends I shouldn't and x girlfriends I shouldn't etc, not in a "omg its killing me, I need to be with them" kind of way
just the "man shes fit and nice" kind of way. But this is unhealthy and doesn't help with my confidence stuff as i just end up thinking all girls only want to be friends with me :/

all in all 2011 WILL be good, I have things to look forward to and things I am dreading. But every year is the same, we work through it, try and make as many good memories as we can, then complain about how crap it is at then end of the year but really, it will of been pretty good.

all that's left to say is thank you
I have some really amazing friends that have been through lots of things with me this year, good bits and bad bits, and I cant thank you enough for sharing them all with me.
I love you all lots

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and all that Jazz

I must admit I was feeling completely none festive up until literally last night at about 10pm. Now I've by far had the most fun within 24 hours that I can remember. I'll start where all good stories begin, from the bit I can remember.

The friends and myself normally go for a drink at a certain pub for new years eve drinks.
As we got to this location last night, we found out after much confusion that it was a "ticket only" event, which was a bunch of crap but, hey ho life goes on.

We decided to walk to the nearest pub to try and decide what our plans were going to consist of, considering our main plan had been thwarted. We all got our drinks, took a seat and waited for the rest of our group to arrive.

The pub we had entered was just a simple place with nothing amazing, it had a little function room on the side that was empty at the time we had all sat down, a few dozen people were already in there. I think it was safe to say that we had no intention of staying there for the full night. This plan soon got utterly cast aside.

The DJ from the function room came through and come out with a killer sell of

"if you come next door there's free curry, a disco and a karaoke till 1am "

Me being the gannet I am couldn't even hide the exciting prospect of free food, so I grabbed my stuff and moved rooms, even if no one else was interested, Id of happily stayed in that room

Everyone trickled in and got some free grub. Then we hit the bar. Hard.

The rest of the night was a blur of cider, cider, cider, karaoke, cider, convinced I was hitting on a girl and succeeding to find out she had a boyfriend and was just super nice and talkative, more cider, a lot more karaoke and a good old dance.

I am so so so happy that I decided to go out because I had possibly the best night out Ive had in 2010. All of my friends are amazing people, we laughed so hard and so much my sides have ached all day. I sang too may songs, way past the acceptable level for a tone deaf person like myself. I drank till i was merry and feeling utterly christmassy. 100% amazing times.

Woke up feeling hazy, soon realising I had sent a drunken message to a certain girl from the night before, I love that feeling of knowing you've done something wrong but cant remember what, realising and just going " Yeah, I'm such a dick FML" I would be utterly ashamed of myself but all of my shame for today has been taken up by this :

I am not proud. But I will laugh about it for a long time :D

Christmas day itself has been its usual great self, morning at my mom and night time at my dads.
Ever year at my dads we have a big family get together and play a game called Cranium. Basically you draw / act out / make from clay / spell / guess / hum / whistle clues for people to guess. 

THE stand out situation from this went like this :

My dad got a card in which he had to act out "Catwalk Model", My dad proceeded to mince around the living room, whipping his none existent hair about and looking uber glamorous (haha), my brother in law guessed it pretty fast. But following that came a line that left me unable to breath for a considerable and maybe dangerous amount of time!

My cousin ( he's openly gay ) just said "Jesus Christ Jim, if you ever decide to come out don't do it through the medium of charades will you" followed by "I nearly feel the need to tell you man up"

I utterly died. On the floor, unable to breath or move. My giggle fit soon spread through the entire room and the game took a serious ten minute pause. Just my uber gay cousin feeling out gay'd by my dad was too good!

I feel glad now that I'm at an age where i honestly don't care about presents,( even though i got some kick ass shoes [link to shoes] and a mint as hell American Only Vans hoody [link for hoody] I just really enjoy seeing everyone. And the last 24 hours have been fantastic! 

Thank you to everyone who has been part of it this year :)

Love you all with all my heart :)