Sunday, 2 January 2011

365 Project

So, Ive decided to do a 365 project, I'm hoping this will help keep me in check with my photography and also my blogging as it will force me to post more frequently :D

I thought the best way to do this was to do weekly updates? 7 pictures with some explanations, and although i may take a picture a day, I may not have time to upload etc etc on a day to day basis, so I think weekly will be fine..

The only thing I'm going to do is break that rule once. I'm going to post my first picture,
and i thought as it was my 365 project, it was only right that the picture be of me

so here we go

this is me.. i look like this 90% of the time. I'm told that men do fashion, i do not, i wear jeans and a tshirt and a jacket when its cold.. this may very well change when LC comes to visit later this month..

but any way
this was just a quick one to say this has started, kick my ass if you don't see updates :D


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