Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy Neay Year

And what a year it will be.
I have lots of plans this year, I know its the thing to do at the beginning of the ear when every one says "I will do this" or "wont do that"

But I'm going for more of a list of things I need to do within this year.

1) stop being a dick

After a phone call with Louisa the other night, i was thinking about self belief and confidence etc etc. If I'm with a girl in a social situation with people about or even on our own, I like to think I'm pretty funny and a bit of a charmer, without being too seedy, but getting a girl I like into those situations is where I fail, this year I'm definitely going to get the confidence I know I've got and make it transpire into dates.
 need to just think
" I have my own flat, I have a car, I'm reasonably fit and healthy, there are uglier people out there than me and some one somewhere would be lucky to have me as a boyfriend"  and just go for it and ask people out.

2) Do a 365 project

Last year I got very annoyed with myself for not using my camera enough, that thing got me in enough debt to fuck me over for a long time and I didn't use it as much as I should of. SO this year I'm doing a 365 project. This is where you take one picture everyday for a year, make it as original as you can etc etc. It really tests your creativity and imagination, I think it will help me to fill my year with something good.

3) work my ass off

this winter has proved a couple of things for me. It has shown that i can work my ass off and still just about have a social life, it has shown that there is money to be made if you are willing to work every hour you possibly can, so 2011 is going to be me sorting myself out money wise. Working for myself as a gardener and doing more paid photography work are the main two in which I will aim to do this work..

4) stop fancying people i shouldn't

people wont want to read this but, I tend to fancy a lot of people, I fancy friends I shouldn't and x girlfriends I shouldn't etc, not in a "omg its killing me, I need to be with them" kind of way
just the "man shes fit and nice" kind of way. But this is unhealthy and doesn't help with my confidence stuff as i just end up thinking all girls only want to be friends with me :/

all in all 2011 WILL be good, I have things to look forward to and things I am dreading. But every year is the same, we work through it, try and make as many good memories as we can, then complain about how crap it is at then end of the year but really, it will of been pretty good.

all that's left to say is thank you
I have some really amazing friends that have been through lots of things with me this year, good bits and bad bits, and I cant thank you enough for sharing them all with me.
I love you all lots

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