Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I'm coming to realise...

..that my hopes of doing a 365 project may be a little bit impossible, with the hours I'm working at the minute, I literally get about 2 hours to myself a day, working 13 hours and sleeping 9 hours leaves me with the 2. Within those two hours I have to do the normal life crap, eat, shower, do housework etc etc, so I only get about 30 minutes of free time a day and normally its pitch black outside and like 4 in the morning, so I don't really want to be trooping round trying to take pictures, I may invent a new one, maybe Project 52, 1 photo every week that sums up my week, that is far more doable!

I have got an idea floating around in my head, it will take up a lot of time, but could literally spread very far and be a really cool new arty thing to do, a few people know about this idea and I've had some really good feedback, I may be starting it at the end of January when LC comes to visit.

This blog seems to have really halted over the last month, I really do like to write up what's been going on in my life and interesting things that have happened, but like I've just mentioned, work and sleeping are my main two activities, and although I could write:
"went to work, then fell asleep " every day, it would get a little monotonous.

So I've come to the conclusion of two things, I'm slightly still in love with one of my X's, I'm not exactly sure whether its her or what I know we would have if we were still together now that I miss, but I'm struggling to keep her off my mind at the minute. This is very normal for me, this leads me onto my second point, I must spend half my daydreaming time thinking about X's or friends in ways I really shouldn't, I guess this is largely unhealthy, but generally, all my female friends are pretty hot and incredibly nice, so I excuse myself because I am a single bloke and those thoughts cant really be stopped.

Apart from that there really is very little in my head it literally goes like this

How much money will that make me
I need to sleep
They are all so pretty


Bed time for me
Night all

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