Monday, 24 January 2011

For Louisa and Yen Chi - first for a while

I had seemingly forgotten I was the owner of a blog.

I have been very bad at updating this, really bad, actually, shockingly awful..

I will now list the reasons as to why I havn't been updating my life blog

1) I'm a lazy git
2) I've been working a lot
3) did I mention I'm a lazy git

So today, I've had two but kicking's from my ( obviously ) regular readers, Louisa and Yen Chi, to get back on track and write some stuff down.

So here goes.

Recently I have joined the world or high definition and bought myself a snazzy bluray player, this is not major news, but it finally gives my huge ass telly something good to do besides shoot people on Call of Duty..

In the space of 2 weeks I've hit the 2 for £20 bluray at HMV pretty hard and my films are growing :D
I'm trying to get a lot of my favorite films first, or ones that really pop on bluray..

Next thing :

Percy Geoff is still alive, I feel proud he hasn't died yet as its cold in my little flat and bearded dragons like the heat! But he is doing very well and he awaits the very first visit of his Godmother / aunt / I dont know, what Louisa Chan, which is a nice segway into my next topic

Im so fudging excited!!!

This weekend Miss Louisa Chan will be gracing me with her presence, for like a whole night!
Last time we went out in Birmingham we ended up coming back to mine early and grabbing a pizza because the night was a bit of a let down, NOT THIS WEEKEND! there are loads of my mates going on a small pub crawl ending at Uprawr, an alternative club night in Birmingham, its going to be MEGGA, I've really missed her, I know I've said it already, but the last 4 months we have kind of just really clicked, we have been friends for a very long time, but right at this minute of our lives we are sharing lots and really helping each other along with whatever crap is going on with us..
So yes, This weekend will be awesome!

Plus I'm playing golf with my dad on Monday, rock n roll

I have 4 days straight off work.. utter bliss!

Speaking of holidays

For my 25th I've decided to go to America to visit my friend over there. Her name is Rae and she is super hot and one of the nicest girls I have ever met, we have been talking for about 10 years, and I went to visit her 4 years ago, best 7 days ever! I hope to repeat this amazing adventure but this time in Texas, not Iowa.

And basically Blog Fans that's all that's been going on.

Work is finally settling down and my hours should start going back to normal within the next month. This means I will actually be able to start my 365 project and really enjoy some me time..

Last point : I had a brief periods of like a week or 2 in thinking I might try going out with white girls, then I got a new facebook crush on a hot Thai girl and that was enough to convince me otherwise :D

So all is good and well in the land of Wiffle..

I WILL WILL WILL update this more often now. Doing this one was actually pretty easy, so yes. More to come..

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