Saturday, 8 January 2011

nothing to say..

but still want to blog..

Many things are racing round my head at the minute, its like a crazy race to see which thought can get to the front of my head first, it gets there momentarily, then its forced back by another thought.

I hate the fact that I want so many things but cant really afford them, after all the working I've been doing I'd of thought I'd be at least coping by now, but no, it just balanced things out.
If I'm honest I have treated myself, Ive bought :

Percy Geoff - my ace bearded Dragon ( for company ) = £200
My sonisphere ticket - have to do at least one festival = £200
Actually brought my family and LC Xmas presents - instead of buying nothing for anyone = £100

And to be able to spend that kind of money and still be paying bills etc is pretty good I suppose.
I think its out of my system and I'll be back to my saving Scrooge like ways from now on.

On a side not, I think the thing I want most now, is to save up and get myself back to Hong Kong, when I went there last time, I had a mission, I needed to meet all of my girlfriends, at the time, family. We shall call her KYS for blog use. KYS was from Hong Kong and came to England to study and model, she has probably been the most attractive girl I've dated, but personality wise, she was a bit childish to say the least. Any way, we had 2 weeks over there and it was amazing, did so much sight seeing and really really had a good time, but at the time, I was more concerned with getting to know her family than taking pictures. Now when I look back I feel ashamed that I was in such a photogenic city and came back with only hand full of images.

So I think I may start a Honk Kong Holiday Fund (that nearly rhymes :D )
I have to get there!

There has been talk of a family holiday to Australia to see the relatives over there, so I could maybe kill two birds with one stone and hit Hong Kong on my way to Oz, now that would be amazing :D


So yeah, I am a little bit all over the place at the minute, I'm in a great mood, really kind of enjoying the good reputation I've got at work at the minute, loving the fact I have amazing family, loving my friends because they are amazing..

And still having feelings for girls from my past / present that I shouldn't be.. fail..

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