Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and all that Jazz

I must admit I was feeling completely none festive up until literally last night at about 10pm. Now I've by far had the most fun within 24 hours that I can remember. I'll start where all good stories begin, from the bit I can remember.

The friends and myself normally go for a drink at a certain pub for new years eve drinks.
As we got to this location last night, we found out after much confusion that it was a "ticket only" event, which was a bunch of crap but, hey ho life goes on.

We decided to walk to the nearest pub to try and decide what our plans were going to consist of, considering our main plan had been thwarted. We all got our drinks, took a seat and waited for the rest of our group to arrive.

The pub we had entered was just a simple place with nothing amazing, it had a little function room on the side that was empty at the time we had all sat down, a few dozen people were already in there. I think it was safe to say that we had no intention of staying there for the full night. This plan soon got utterly cast aside.

The DJ from the function room came through and come out with a killer sell of

"if you come next door there's free curry, a disco and a karaoke till 1am "

Me being the gannet I am couldn't even hide the exciting prospect of free food, so I grabbed my stuff and moved rooms, even if no one else was interested, Id of happily stayed in that room

Everyone trickled in and got some free grub. Then we hit the bar. Hard.

The rest of the night was a blur of cider, cider, cider, karaoke, cider, convinced I was hitting on a girl and succeeding to find out she had a boyfriend and was just super nice and talkative, more cider, a lot more karaoke and a good old dance.

I am so so so happy that I decided to go out because I had possibly the best night out Ive had in 2010. All of my friends are amazing people, we laughed so hard and so much my sides have ached all day. I sang too may songs, way past the acceptable level for a tone deaf person like myself. I drank till i was merry and feeling utterly christmassy. 100% amazing times.

Woke up feeling hazy, soon realising I had sent a drunken message to a certain girl from the night before, I love that feeling of knowing you've done something wrong but cant remember what, realising and just going " Yeah, I'm such a dick FML" I would be utterly ashamed of myself but all of my shame for today has been taken up by this :

I am not proud. But I will laugh about it for a long time :D

Christmas day itself has been its usual great self, morning at my mom and night time at my dads.
Ever year at my dads we have a big family get together and play a game called Cranium. Basically you draw / act out / make from clay / spell / guess / hum / whistle clues for people to guess. 

THE stand out situation from this went like this :

My dad got a card in which he had to act out "Catwalk Model", My dad proceeded to mince around the living room, whipping his none existent hair about and looking uber glamorous (haha), my brother in law guessed it pretty fast. But following that came a line that left me unable to breath for a considerable and maybe dangerous amount of time!

My cousin ( he's openly gay ) just said "Jesus Christ Jim, if you ever decide to come out don't do it through the medium of charades will you" followed by "I nearly feel the need to tell you man up"

I utterly died. On the floor, unable to breath or move. My giggle fit soon spread through the entire room and the game took a serious ten minute pause. Just my uber gay cousin feeling out gay'd by my dad was too good!

I feel glad now that I'm at an age where i honestly don't care about presents,( even though i got some kick ass shoes [link to shoes] and a mint as hell American Only Vans hoody [link for hoody] I just really enjoy seeing everyone. And the last 24 hours have been fantastic! 

Thank you to everyone who has been part of it this year :)

Love you all with all my heart :)

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