Saturday, 11 December 2010

All over the place

There seems to be no where solid for me to put my footings at the moment. Everything is very all over the place.

My top thoughts for the weekend so far are these :

After talking to Mr Andy Bashford I'm helping with some dialogue for his story. I think Andy has a distinctly more vivid imagination than me but kind of got me thinking about writing something of my own.
So I've decided to start writing a novel, I have my main idea and am working through things pretty well.
In my head its a new year project, something to take my mind off being single, the day to day crap that is work and my none existent social life in the cold months.
I am utterly excited I think it will be a god test to see how far I can stretch my own imagination.

Second thought.

I really miss my friends. I had a lovely night last night. Simply went round to a friends house, just had a big chill out, watched some Bill Bailey, ate some serious snack food and generally had a laugh. Such a simple night but really makes me realise just how much my current working times are screwing with my social life. All in all frikin good times :D.


I actually have a night off again tonight, well, half a night off. Because my work seem to think that its up to me to find cover for myself when I've booked time off, I'm having to work half a shift and 3 other lads are taking the other half of my gritting sites between them. It seriously annoyed me that management seem to think its not their responsibility to organise cover for their staff, Im not self employed ffs, do your job and sort stuff out!
Ah, I digress. I have tonight off and that means one thing, return of drunken wiffle! This will more than likely be my only saturday night off until january so I'm going to seriously hit it tonight. Bring on the looking at hot women I haven't got the guts to talk to, the bad scene kid music and the cheap cheap drinks :/

I am very off track with my blog, this is only really because all my days are starting to blur into one, I can never really remember what day I'm on after working through the night, so I end up forgetting to blog. must must must try harder.

Thanks to everyone thats visiting, I seem to be getting a lot more traffic on Blogspot than on good stuff..

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  1. Granted it is pretty far in advance but have you ever heard of If you wanted to publish your book for a small price it's pretty decent. Even if you just want it to keep for yourself :)