Saturday, 18 December 2010


Lets get this out the way early shall we..
ITS SNOOOOWWWWWINGGG.. By now this is very old news to a lot of people, but I thought I would join the billions of people typing that exact phrase throughout the course of today.

Obviously being in the gritting game at work at the minute, you'd think I'd be out in this tonight, but oh no, health and safetey has actually done me a favour and made it so that our company cant go out when its this bad. So that means a night in for me. Although its been pretty boring, all I've done is eat pasta and play call of duty, its been nice to have a bit of a relax and a night off, knowing that most people in the country are doing the same.

The other thing the snow brought, which I loved, was the sense of neighbour ship and helpfulness going on with all the snow, normally I would tut at a bunch of 10 chavs walking down the street, but today, I saw a bunch of them help an old lady up a hill, then help push a car free from the snow, then help another driver who was about to crash, I had a massive smile on my face whilst thinking, really, people are pretty nice when they want to be.

Now back to business.

First point of conversation tonight. Why people cant seem to forget / let go of an argument.

Basically this came about after BBC Radio 1's facebook team, asked people about illegally downloading music. The group was split 50/50 and people were arguing their point etc etc.
I threw my argument into the equation as well, as I love a good argument, saying that humanity as a species breaks the law millions of times a day, some minor some major, surely time could be better spent chasing paedophiles and rapists, not some kids getting some songs for free. I also threw in the " If i bought a cd and lent it to a friend, then he lent it to his friend, etc etc then that would be fine, illegal downloads IMO is pretty much the same, just on a humongous international scale.

Now whether you agree with my point or not is up to you and people on the site didn't agree with me, thus started the argument, there were lots of points thrown here and there etc and I was just happily arguing to get my point across, however these people decided that wasn't the end of it and had to start getting personal and attacking ME.

It got me on to thinking about how people cant just have an argument and move past it.
disagree. argue. end of argument. carry on with life.

I don't see the need to drag things out just for the sake of it. Can people not control themselves so much that they have to type angry stuff out to strangers? very odd..

Next point.

I'm buying a Bearded Dragon.. for those that have no idea what one of those is, here :

They are ace little things! I can pick one up for about £45 from my local pet store, which i thought was pretty decent. I was only thinking of getting one before, but then I found a tank whilst I was at work the other day, some one had tipped it with a load of unwanted things, all it needed was a wash out and it was good as new.

I took this as a sign that I should most definitely get one, as tanks are normally £50 - £70 and it was the price that made me rethink my choice to purchase!

Last point of today, a bit cliche but oh well.

I got contacted by one of my oldest friends today. for this we shall call her CA ( hello btw if you are reading this :] ) We were best friends all through high school. If you are a girl and you and e get along stupidly well, you have CA to thank for it, sh is the reason I'm able to be so funny around girls. Literally just spent so much time together I got so comfortable being around girls i got really good at talking to them etc.

We were such good friends in fact that my mom thought we would get married one day and has since practically adopted her into our family, so much so that even though CA and me haven't seen each other in years, CA still goes to visit my mom every Christmas! She missed out last Xmas thought and because of that needed my moms address to come round this year.

It is strange how people come and go from your life, I'm not saying CA has gone, but just carrying on with life, but I get THE nicest feeling when I think back to all the memories we have with each other.. Its enough to perk any one up.

Big Smiles.

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