Monday, 6 December 2010

Half Rant / Half Normal Blog

So its Monday, I think, Its around 3:30pm ish, by the time I finish writing this it will be any way.
I have just woken up after another night out on the gritting.
This line of work is seriously starting to get to me now, 12 hour shifts 7 days a week? I really don't think my body is going to be able to cope with an entire winter of this pattern.

I feel my social life is literally being ripped from me.

I was in such a good mood yesterday, just really enjoying things and my frame of mind was set to "its crappy work but its a bit of extra money so just deal with it" and I was fine with it.

Now today I'm being told that I need to use my old van, because the land rover needs to be ready for  new contract, this I have no problem with, but my old van uses a gritter that is so so so small and at the minute keeps clogging up because the grit we are using is crap.. But work just say "I'm just gonna have to stick with the smaller gritter and do as best you can" meaning I will be spending all of tonight standing in the cold shaking and kicking my little baby gritter to try and make it work! Fun times :/

Its time like this that I wish i had more guts and just tried my hardest to apply for a gardening job in Japan..

 I really need something to take my mind of all of this.

it seems i am literally working then coming home falling asleep and going back to work again.
I have enough time to get some dinner if I'm lucky..

I have noticed when I'm ranting my blogs are a let less structured, sorry about this, I think I'm just trying to get everything negative out of me as fast as I can.

If i had enough time I would take my moms advice and write a book. Maybe its something to consider..

Any way

Time to go sort out work again, then eat, then maybe nap, then off to work for another grueling 12 hours :(

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