Saturday, 11 December 2010

Drunken Posting.. Not such a great idea

I've just got in from a night out. Utterly amazing night tbh, had a real laugh with my mates and just really hit the beer. Spent a little too much after the rip off taxi home, but that's always the case..

I still feel like I'm in certain peoples bad books. But if I'm honest I've stopped worrying about it. I only stay concerned long enough for the realistic part of my brain to kick in and tell myself " there is obviously a reason for the lack of talking so just quit over thinking situations and get on with stuff" Which I am now doing.

After explaining my book idea to a friend tonight, I am filled with utter excitement, he seemed to think it sounded really good and I know for a fact he'd tell me if it was weak, so that cheered me up.

Final thought of the night is one phrase. After hitting this club tonight I got home and shared a mutual thought with another friend..

"They are all so pretty" I just wish I had a scrap of the confidence needed to communicate with these girls.

Goodnight everyone.
Drunken Wiffle needs some rest :/

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