Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Slightly better mood..

Today I am in a much better mood than yesterday, literally can not describe the immense difference in my mood.
I find it amazing that when I'm in such a vile mood, I actually struggle to write anything even remotely worthy of reading. I much prefer being my normal, sarcastic, smiley self and writing blogs people will actually want to read.

So what to talk about today. mmm

I have finally got round to fixing my IPhone. I accidentally trod on it when it was in my pocket and cracked the front glass, to say I was annoyed would be a great understatement. I had an amazingly funny conversation with the guy from o2, think it actually made my claim go smoother just because he was laughing the whole way through. It went something like this :

After explaining what I wanted he asked me

o2 man : " so, time for the tale of how you broke it"

me : " ah, I bet you here some right good stories when it comes to this, I feel i should apologise because my story is THE most boring you are going to here, I trod on it in my pocket "

o2 man : " oh, you were right, that's pretty weak, i wanted something juicy or something that was a blatant lie"

me : " oh well in that case, I was sky diving and I thought to myself *I could film this using my phone* I then dropped it from 1000 feet up, luckily it landed on a small child who broke its fall, so it only cracked the glass "

o2 man =  couldn't speak for the immense giggles he now had

These conversations in life make your day, I was in such a good mood afterwards, it really was utterly hilarious.

Safe to say a brand new shiny IPhone is on its way to me now and will be with me by tomorrow. God knows how I'm going to actually receive it, o2 said it would be arriving "between 8am and 5pm* which would be fine, except I'm working tonight and will be getting in at 5am and sleeping till at least 12, I just hope I hear the door.

Next matter to attack. Police and funny stuff

Now I'm working nights, 24 hour shops have become my best friends, Tesco 24 hour has never seen me in its walls so frequently. So This morning I stumbled in to my local shop, covered in salt and looking very sleepy. Picked up some tasty treats and got myself to the checkout in record time. Now whilst walking around the shop, I had my head phones in with my shouty music on keeping me awake, but then all of a sudden a new song came on, just as I hit the checkout on comes " Cypress Hill - Dr Green Thumb " a song about the smoking and growing of marijuana. Literally as I looked up at the self service till, I was surrounded by 4 police officers, all getting their food for their break. There was me looking utterly out of it from the sleepyness buying a load of snack food at 2am in the morning whilst listening to a song about weed. For any one looking at this situation it must of seemed hilarious.
They watched me get in my truck and drive off. No flashing lights or sirens chasing after me must of meant that their sandwich was of greater importance.

So thats it from me today. I need to get up and clean my flat ( obviously I mean play some xbox )

Next post tomorrow at roughly the same time :)

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