Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Utterly Lost

I have no idea what day it is.
I keep looking at the calender to remind me and try and orientate myself a little bit.

So I've just woken up, well I woke up at 4pm but you get my point, I got in from work at 7am after a very very long night out making the roads safe to drive on.

This work really is getting to me now. And I need to take some serious action into getting myself out of the situation. I say that, but, well the work is ok, not the worst thing I could be doing, but its ruining my sleeping pattern and life like it was nothing.

I have however taken a step towards doing something I've always wanted.
For years and years I've wanted to travel to Japan, obviously me being a little bit obsessed with the orient, that seems obvious. Well yesterday ( i think ) I decided to just try my luck, and applied for a 3 year working placement at Barakura English Gardens in Japan. They only do 3 year work placements, so it would be a very long time away from home, but I figure I may as well be brave now cause it will only get harder and harder to try in the future.

There really has been very little else happening for me. I feel completely disconnected from everyone, I get about 4 hours a day private time and within that I will have to eat and shower etc etc so more than likely only really get about 3 hours of time to do anything.

I am finding it hard to keep this blog updated with anything that is of use to any one, everything is rant rant or grit this, work that.

I pinky promise that my mood will pick up, and the sarcastic James that normally writes semi comical blogs will be back in full swing.

I really do miss certain people a lot. This last few months I have really begun to want to see people more than I am able to. I think I will just be using it as motivation to make sure next year when the weather is good, I will make sure I am out every weekend seeing as many people as possible, crashing on as many sofa's as I can and making up for my utter negligence as a friend through out this winter..

Every one better be ready for drunken Wiffle when the summer hits :)

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