Monday, 13 December 2010

Man Fear and Good Mood

My mood has changed, yet again! 

I'm now somewhat chirpy. I think it must be linked to my sleep, I had a really good heavy sleep last night, you know those ones where you end up the wrong way round with your head hanging off your bed but you are in too deep a sleep to wake up, lush.

One thing I would like to discuss, I'm fully aware this will give lots of things away but you will understand soon enough.

Buying Christmas presents. This year I am buying presents for these people; 

My niece, my little brother, my mom, my dad and Louisa Chan. Normally I don't buy friends Christmas presents, but in the leading up to this years festivities Louisa and myself have probably been the closest we have been in our entire friendship, which according to Louisa reached its 5 year mark this year, scary times.
So I feel this justifies a Christmas present. 

Now, I have found what I want to get her, LC if you are reading this, I have tried being sneaky and getting this information from elsewhere, but people are busy and more than likely ran out of time. 
But as a man I have a full on inter socially woven phobia of buying girls any kind of clothing( there's one give away) So I am going to have to half ruing your present and ask you for some sizes. Expect an email.

The rest of today will be spent down at the shops getting a few things, I decided to move a few thing about in my flat this morning at 5am, like you do, and now I need some speaker cable.

All in all I am in a better mood now. I have tonight off work which means going into work normal tomorrow, should be interesting considering my sleeping pattern adjustment.

And I think i may just write some more stuff for my book.

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