Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Locks Are Against Me

I have just got in from another good night out on the gritting. As much as I have moaned about it over the last few weeks, it's starting to become pretty decent now, my sites have all been shuffled into such a way that I can do more in the same amount of time, even a little bit faster!

So now i get around £130 a night on a weekday and £105 on a weekend ( basically on a weekend I do about 5 sites less so only takes me about 6 hours ) for about 9 hours work, I can fully cope with that :D

I have noticed a growing trend with a situation at work now though. Obviously most of these places are locked up, so we get given keys etc. Only two of my sites need keys. So I have two keys to get into two sites, they are the same size and make of key, literally look identical!

Every single night I have been at work this week, I've walked up to the gates and picked a key at random to open the lock and every. single. bloody. time its been the other key I've needed. This sounds so pathetic, even to me as I'm typing, but seriously, I even played a little game with it tonight, I picked a key, then just before putting in the lock I quickly swapped and it worked, meaning my first decision would of been wrong.

Is this life's way of telling me to do exactly the opposite of whatever I think is right?
Was I a lock in a former life and made multiple keys life's living hell?
Or am I really going crazy from the serious lack of sleep over the past week?

Thought on a postcard please.

The other thing I wanted to talk about today was this :

Do you ever find yourself in a situation, where you think you have really pissed some one off but the only sign that you have is they are a bit quieter than usual with you?

I get into this horrible frame of mind where I think,

I'm pretty sure they are pissed off with me, If i txt them to talk about it or just to say hello, I may piss them off further, but what if I haven't pissed them off and then I don't txt them and they think I am being funny with them?

It sounds stupid to type it. I suppose I should really just man up and ask. But I really am not the confrontational type, and avoid them if I can.

I have gone a bit slack with writing this blog. I will try harder to blog at least once a day. If I can keep up this fast gritting time it gives me about an hour when I get in to jot some things down.

Hope you are good who ever you are :)

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